Les Performances Live

"Bear witness to a soundscape of proverbial empty rooms reserved for the heartbeats of insects in ancient speakeasy cathedrals. Paddle your way down a blue river with a black heart, to a deep-end sprinkled with constellations - hand in hand with your fellow man on a glorious mystery ride. And when the sun shall set on this night, you’ll leave better than you came, synapses repaired by a serenade from the prophet of sugarcane poetry and dub heartbeats." -Rebecca Rebouche

8/28   Brooklyn, NY (Rooftop Show)

9/3     One Stop, Asheville, NC
9/9     St. Augustine, FL
            Planet Sarbez
9/10    Jacksonville, FL 
            Rockaway Garden Center
9/22   Ocean Springs, MS 
            Gov't St. Grocery
10/2    PORT-New Orleans, LA 
10/8    Covington, LA
            Saladino Gallery     
12/23  The Grand Point Music Hall
            Grand Point, LA
            Annual "Eve of the Eve"

"Louque-pronounced Luke- offers music with meat on its bones. So Long, the bands debut, is electronic & reggae, alternative & hip hop, ballad-soft & rock sure. And it satisfies with every spin. The Brooklynite brings into his tunes all the elements of his native New Orleans-a touch of blasphemy & reverent respect that informs all of So Long- as well as the blues, country and rock & roll. 
-Rolling Stone

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